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Sorry for the lack of updates to the ClanLib tutorial series.


ClanLib Tutorial – Part 4: Server as a Service

In the previous part, we ran our server as a console application. While this is fine for debugging purposes, it isn’t very server-friendly. In this part we’ll easily convert the server to be a proper OS service, or daemon as it is called on linux. We’ll also convert it to be a threaded application.


ClanLib Tutorial – What next?

Please vote in a poll on what the next part of the tutorial should focus on.


ClanLib Tutorial – Part 3: Network Basics

In this part of the ClanLib Tutorial, we will learn about ClanNetwork. Some Internet protocol basics will be covered, but the main focus will be on a ClanLib API called NetGame, which is an event based networking engine. A simple server and client application will be explained, and we’ll go into details on sending/receiving and dispatching events.


ClanLib Tutorial – Part 2: Visuals

In this part of the ClanLib Tutorial, we will learn about ClanDisplay, and how it handles visuals. We will cover drawing using primitives, fonts and animated sprites. The ClanLib resource system will also be covered in some detail.


ClanLib Tutorial – Part 1: Getting Started

Welcome to the ClanLib Tutorial series, where the end goal is to build a persistent multiplayer architecture using C++. The first two parts will be about general ClanLib usage, while the later parts are more network, game and architecture oriented. You will learn a lot about ClanLib in all parts, since we’ll be using that as our framework throughout. We’ll try to move in small steps, with a focus on code, not on theory.

In this first part we’ll set up the ClanLib environment, and make sure it works with a small example.

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